RS3 Slayer Guide

There are tons of endless activities that you can perform within RuneScape, and one of these activities includes Slayer Tasks that are quite rewards for the in-game players. But before we get into that, let’s have a brief discussion about the Slayer skill. Let’s get into this rs3 slayer guide.


It is basically a skill where you get assigned tasks from various rs3 Slayer Masters across Gielinor. During these tasks, you have to locate the monsters assigned to you and annihilate a certain amount of them. There’s an option where you can choose whether you want to do the task alone, or with another partner. To ease things up, you can add a counter on your character to keep track of the number of points you have earned by doing such tasks. It also helps in indicating your current monster kill count, and you can toggle the display whenever. The option can be found in your Skill tab (settings), just under the Slayer skill.

Slayer Monsters & Masks

Next up in this slayer training rs3 is Slayer Monsters. Slayer Monsters are the NPCs that require a certain Slayer level to deal damage upon them. However, you can always gain an additional bonus by using items such as Slayer Masks. These masks can be bought from the Shattered Worlds’ reward shop, from the NPC named Vic the Trader, or you can simply win them off the Treasure Hunter. Slayer Masks assist in increasing your Slayer skill by granting you additional bonuses. You can also view your monster kill count by right-clicking on the mask.

There are a set of kill counts that are dedicated to every Slayer Mask, and if you exceed it, the mask will turn into a Slayer Helmet. Even though the helmet works in a similar manner, the bonuses are lessened. You can always turn the helmet back to the mask, but it’ll then only be used for cosmetic purposes and it won’t provide any additional bonuses.

Slayer Points

After completing a Slayer Assignment or a challenge given to you by one of the rs3 Slayer Masters, you will receive Slayer Points. The points entirely depend upon which master’s assignment you’ve completed, and if the assignments are more demanding, you’ll get higher Slayer Points. The most points you can have a time is 64,000, and there are other ways that you can stack up additional points. For instance, upon completing a Slayer Task, you will still receive the entire points that you’ve earned, and if you turn in Tuska Masks, you’ll get additional 20 points even if you’ve already obtained 64,000 points.

Similar to Tuska Masks, there are other ways you can earn Slayer Points, such as contracts from Assassin Ling, who will grand you eight Slayer Points for each one you complete. There’s also the Raptor Chest, which can grant you about 375 Slayer Points every time you open it. However, you’ll need a Raptor Key to open it, and the key is created using four different parts that are dropped by Slayer Monsters that require level 96 in Slayer. These monsters include Ripper Demons, Camel Warriors, Acheron Mammoths, and Wyvern. Once you have the key, you can open the chest in War’s Retreat to obtain Slayer Points.

Slayer Store

Along with learning new abilities, there are various items that you can purchase from Slayer Points. You can get 250 Broad Arrows, Broad-Tipped Bolts, or Runes for Slayer Darts for 35 Slayer Points. You can get Ring of Slaying for 75 points. You can get a Full Slayer Helmet Upgrade or Ferocious Ring Upgrade for 100 Points. A further Slayer Helmet upgrade or 10,000 Slayer EXP for 400 points, and once you’ve obtained 600 and 1,000 points, you can upgrade your Slayer Helmet further to its third or final (fourth) version, respectively.

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