Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Hammerdin Build


The Paladin Hammerdin Build is the end game build that can get a player through nightmare and hell difficulty levels.

You’ll be starting off by teleporting to your enemy targets and spamming them with Blessed Hammer. It causes the hammer to spin around the character while inflicting immense damage on the enemies. Teleportation can be combined with Faster Cast Rate to move through the map swiftly, which is granted through the Enigma Runeword. Alternatively, you can use the Vigor Defensive Aura to increase your walking speed. During attacks, you’ll need to swap your teleportation skill with Concentration Offensive Aura to increase the damage output dealt by the Blessed Hammer.

The Paladin Hammerdin Build is intended for nightmare and hell difficulty levels that start around level 40 for D2R hammerdin build. It’s recommended that you start off with the Holy Fire Build and then switch to Hammerdin at a later stage. If you’re already doing that, and you want to switch to this build, you can do it by claiming the ‘Den of Evil’ reward from the NPC named Kara (Rogue Encampment). You’ll get 3 re-specs and you’ll need to be on the same difficulty level to claim it, for D2R hammerdin build.

Stat Distribution

Similar to most builds on the Diablo 2 Resurrected platform, the stat distribution for this build will focus on assigning the attribute points into Strength so that the equipment requirements can be met, for diablo 2 hammerdin. You’ll also need to add points into Dexterity to reach Max Block, and then add the remaining points into Vitality for additional life points.

You’ll need to assign enough points in Strength to equip your equipment. It will entirely depend upon the gear that you’re using, as well as the additional Strength bonus you’re getting from it. Points in Dexterity should be added to acquire Max Block (75%), and it’ll entirely depend upon the type of shield you’re using, for diablo 2 hammerdin. However, make sure to use the Holy Shield skill first and then add the point until 75% cap. The remaining points are going to be added in Vitality, and you don’t need to invest anything in Energy.


If you have a Hellfire Touch and an Annihilus; it will greatly reduce your attribute points investment in Strength. Instead, you can utilize these two charms to obtain +10 to 20 points in every attribute and +10 to 20 points in Elemental Resistances, for blessed hammer diablo 2. If you have both in your inventory, it’ll save about 20 to 40 stat points, which can then be used for Vitality to increase your health pool. The passive resistances that the charms offer will allow you to depend less on +All Resistance gear.

However, if you don’t have an Annihilus or a Hellfire Touch already, you need to stop what you’re doing and focus on obtaining them. The perfectly rolled ones are quite costly, but you can always opt for the bad ones at an affordable price, and then for blessed hammer diablo 2, you can upgrade it when you have enough gold.


Blessed Hammer calls upon a Magical Hammer which spins outwards to damage the enemies that try to cross your path. The concentration offers an offensive aura to reduce interruption between your attacks. It also increases your overall damage by a percent. Holy Shield increases block chance, as well as your Shield’s defense. The charge isn’t a combat skill, so you should consider assigning it to a hotkey for quickly charging towards a selected position or enemy target. Vigor enhances the movement speed to cover the map without delays, or to flee in dangerous situations. Redemption is an optional skill to utilize if you’re having Mana-related issues. It purifies the bodies and offers Mana & Life points to the player.

Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Lore (Runeword), Javelins (All Rarities), Tarnhelm/Peasant Crown/Wormskull (etc.), Spirit (Runeword), Ancient’s Pledge (Runeword), Paladins Shield (All Rarities), Stealth (Runeword), Uniques like The Spirit Shroud, Skin of the Vipermagi, or Que-Hegan’s Wisdom (etc.), Gloves with defensive stats, Belt with Life and Resistances, Boots with Faster Walk or Run Speed, alongside Life and Resistances, Ring with Life, Stats, and Resistances, Amulet with Stats, Health, Resistances or additional Paladin Skills, and Charms with additional Life, Mana, and Paladin or Combat Skills.

Max Level Equipment

Harlequin Crest (Unique)/Crown of Ages (Unique), Heart of the Oak (Runeword), Spirit (Runeword)/Herald of Zakarum (Unique), Call To Arms (Runeword) + Spirit Shield (Runeword), Enigma (Runeword), Magefist (Unique), Arachnid Mesh (Unique), Hotspur (Unique)/War Traveler (Unique)/Sandstorm Trek (Unique), Bul-Kathos Wedding Band, and Crafted Amulet/Mara’s Kaleidoscope.