Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Hammerdin Build


The Paladin Hammerdin Build is the end game build that can get a player through nightmare and hell difficulty levels.

You’ll be starting off by teleporting to your enemy targets and spamming them with Blessed Hammer. It causes the hammer to spin around the character while inflicting immense damage on the enemies. Teleportation can be combined with Faster Cast Rate to move through the map swiftly, which is granted through the Enigma Runeword. Alternatively, you can use the Vigor Defensive Aura to increase your walking speed. During attacks, you’ll need to swap your teleportation skill with Concentration Offensive Aura to increase the damage output dealt by the Blessed Hammer.

The Paladin Hammerdin Build is intended for nightmare and hell difficulty levels that start around level 40 for D2R hammerdin build. It’s recommended that you start off with the Holy Fire Build and then switch to Hammerdin at a later stage. If you’re already doing that, and you want to switch to this build, you can do it by claiming the ‘Den of Evil’ reward from the NPC named Kara (Rogue Encampment). You’ll get 3 re-specs and you’ll need to be on the same difficulty level to claim it, for D2R hammerdin build.

Stat Distribution

Similar to most builds on the Diablo 2 Resurrected platform, the stat distribution for this build will focus on assigning the attribute points into Strength so that the equipment requirements can be met, for diablo 2 hammerdin. You’ll also need to add points into Dexterity to reach Max Block, and then add the remaining points into Vitality for additional life points.

You’ll need to assign enough points in Strength to equip your equipment. It will entirely depend upon the gear that you’re using, as well as the additional Strength bonus you’re getting from it. Points in Dexterity should be added to acquire Max Block (75%), and it’ll entirely depend upon the type of shield you’re using, for diablo 2 hammerdin. However, make sure to use the Holy Shield skill first and then add the point until 75% cap. The remaining points are going to be added in Vitality, and you don’t need to invest anything in Energy.


If you have a Hellfire Touch and an Annihilus; it will greatly reduce your attribute points investment in Strength. Instead, you can utilize these two charms to obtain +10 to 20 points in every attribute and +10 to 20 points in Elemental Resistances, for blessed hammer diablo 2. If you have both in your inventory, it’ll save about 20 to 40 stat points, which can then be used for Vitality to increase your health pool. The passive resistances that the charms offer will allow you to depend less on +All Resistance gear.

However, if you don’t have an Annihilus or a Hellfire Touch already, you need to stop what you’re doing and focus on obtaining them. The perfectly rolled ones are quite costly, but you can always opt for the bad ones at an affordable price, and then for blessed hammer diablo 2, you can upgrade it when you have enough gold.


Blessed Hammer calls upon a Magical Hammer which spins outwards to damage the enemies that try to cross your path. The concentration offers an offensive aura to reduce interruption between your attacks. It also increases your overall damage by a percent. Holy Shield increases block chance, as well as your Shield’s defense. The charge isn’t a combat skill, so you should consider assigning it to a hotkey for quickly charging towards a selected position or enemy target. Vigor enhances the movement speed to cover the map without delays, or to flee in dangerous situations. Redemption is an optional skill to utilize if you’re having Mana-related issues. It purifies the bodies and offers Mana & Life points to the player.

Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Lore (Runeword), Javelins (All Rarities), Tarnhelm/Peasant Crown/Wormskull (etc.), Spirit (Runeword), Ancient’s Pledge (Runeword), Paladins Shield (All Rarities), Stealth (Runeword), Uniques like The Spirit Shroud, Skin of the Vipermagi, or Que-Hegan’s Wisdom (etc.), Gloves with defensive stats, Belt with Life and Resistances, Boots with Faster Walk or Run Speed, alongside Life and Resistances, Ring with Life, Stats, and Resistances, Amulet with Stats, Health, Resistances or additional Paladin Skills, and Charms with additional Life, Mana, and Paladin or Combat Skills.

Max Level Equipment

Harlequin Crest (Unique)/Crown of Ages (Unique), Heart of the Oak (Runeword), Spirit (Runeword)/Herald of Zakarum (Unique), Call To Arms (Runeword) + Spirit Shield (Runeword), Enigma (Runeword), Magefist (Unique), Arachnid Mesh (Unique), Hotspur (Unique)/War Traveler (Unique)/Sandstorm Trek (Unique), Bul-Kathos Wedding Band, and Crafted Amulet/Mara’s Kaleidoscope.

RS3 Slayer Guide

There are tons of endless activities that you can perform within RuneScape, and one of these activities includes Slayer Tasks that are quite rewards for the in-game players. But before we get into that, let’s have a brief discussion about the Slayer skill. Let’s get into this rs3 slayer guide.


It is basically a skill where you get assigned tasks from various rs3 Slayer Masters across Gielinor. During these tasks, you have to locate the monsters assigned to you and annihilate a certain amount of them. There’s an option where you can choose whether you want to do the task alone, or with another partner. To ease things up, you can add a counter on your character to keep track of the number of points you have earned by doing such tasks. It also helps in indicating your current monster kill count, and you can toggle the display whenever. The option can be found in your Skill tab (settings), just under the Slayer skill.

Slayer Monsters & Masks

Next up in this slayer training rs3 is Slayer Monsters. Slayer Monsters are the NPCs that require a certain Slayer level to deal damage upon them. However, you can always gain an additional bonus by using items such as Slayer Masks. These masks can be bought from the Shattered Worlds’ reward shop, from the NPC named Vic the Trader, or you can simply win them off the Treasure Hunter. Slayer Masks assist in increasing your Slayer skill by granting you additional bonuses. You can also view your monster kill count by right-clicking on the mask.

There are a set of kill counts that are dedicated to every Slayer Mask, and if you exceed it, the mask will turn into a Slayer Helmet. Even though the helmet works in a similar manner, the bonuses are lessened. You can always turn the helmet back to the mask, but it’ll then only be used for cosmetic purposes and it won’t provide any additional bonuses.

Slayer Points

After completing a Slayer Assignment or a challenge given to you by one of the rs3 Slayer Masters, you will receive Slayer Points. The points entirely depend upon which master’s assignment you’ve completed, and if the assignments are more demanding, you’ll get higher Slayer Points. The most points you can have a time is 64,000, and there are other ways that you can stack up additional points. For instance, upon completing a Slayer Task, you will still receive the entire points that you’ve earned, and if you turn in Tuska Masks, you’ll get additional 20 points even if you’ve already obtained 64,000 points.

Similar to Tuska Masks, there are other ways you can earn Slayer Points, such as contracts from Assassin Ling, who will grand you eight Slayer Points for each one you complete. There’s also the Raptor Chest, which can grant you about 375 Slayer Points every time you open it. However, you’ll need a Raptor Key to open it, and the key is created using four different parts that are dropped by Slayer Monsters that require level 96 in Slayer. These monsters include Ripper Demons, Camel Warriors, Acheron Mammoths, and Wyvern. Once you have the key, you can open the chest in War’s Retreat to obtain Slayer Points.

Slayer Store

Along with learning new abilities, there are various items that you can purchase from Slayer Points. You can get 250 Broad Arrows, Broad-Tipped Bolts, or Runes for Slayer Darts for 35 Slayer Points. You can get Ring of Slaying for 75 points. You can get a Full Slayer Helmet Upgrade or Ferocious Ring Upgrade for 100 Points. A further Slayer Helmet upgrade or 10,000 Slayer EXP for 400 points, and once you’ve obtained 600 and 1,000 points, you can upgrade your Slayer Helmet further to its third or final (fourth) version, respectively.

A Look into the Discipline Priest’s Toolbox of World of Warcraft

In the evolving universe that is World Of Warcraft, the priest class remains the standard by which all healers are measured. With two viable healing specs, priests have the largest toolboxes available to heal any and every situation. After years of Holy spec being the talent build of choice for healing priests, discipline (or disc, for short) is emerging as the new powerhouse among healers.
Let’s take a look at the basics of those bubble-weilding, penance-firing wonders of healing.

Bubble, Bubble…

The most valuable ability disc priests bring to any situation is Power Word: Shield. This “bubble” can be cast on any member of the part or raid, absorbing a large amount of the damage being dealt to that player. Priests train for this ability at level 6, and continue to gain rank for it through level 80. When paired with Glyph Of Power Word: Shield, these magic bubbles also heal the target for 20% of the absorbtion amount. In essence, the disc priest heals damage while preventing it. Mitigation can save the other healers in the raid a huge amount of effort, and a properly cast shield makes some of the more difficult raid bosses, such as the Lich King, much easier to defeat.

Shooting Stars? No, That’s Just Penance!

If you’ve ever been in a party or raid with a discipline priest, chances are you’ve seen a spiral of shimmering light careening into your character, healing you instantly. That ability is the bread and butter heal of the discipline spec known as Penance.

As a talented ability, Penance is available only to disc priests who have reached level 60 and spent their talent points accordingly. But is it worth all those points? Ask any character who’s been saved from near death by a Penance and the answer will be a resounding yes. The first of the three ticks of this spell will often save someone when there isn’t time to fire off a heal requiring more casting time. Each of the three ticks heals the party member, and when well timed can truly be a raid saver.

Haven’t Got Time For The Pain

Disc priests also bring another savvy tool for mitigation to the table: Pain Suppression. This handy instant cast spell reduces damage taken on the target by 40% and grants 65% resistance to dispel mechanics. When cast on a tank during massive incoming damage, this eight second buff is a gem for any healer’s arsenal.

Discipline Is Worth A Try!

Disc priests are unique among all World Of Warcraft healers. Neither pure raid healers like Resto Druids and Shamans, nor single target experts like Holy Paladins, disc priests bring their own brand of mitigation plus healing to the group. Filling this special healing niche is a rewarding experience that any World Of Warcraft healer should try. Try it and you’ll see that today’s disc priest is more than just bubbles.

Tips on How to Make Money Fast on Runescape!

Ever wondered how members of RuneScape make so much money so quickly? Well, I was one of those members who made 40m in just one week! Now I would love to share my story with you in hopes that you too will become rich on RuneScape!
First, you must be a member in order to enjoy this guide. Those of you who are not members will not benefit any from this excellent guide! However, if you are a member of RuneScape, then please read along and discover the secret to becoming rich fast!

The way I made my millions was through the use of the Hunter skill. The first thing you need to do is train your Hunter skill to at least level 66 (80+ preferably) to make good use of my methods. I would recommend training below Feldip Hills until you can catch Green Lizards in Mort Myre. Once you have the level necessary to catch Orange Salamanders, catch them in the Desert until you are able to catch Red Salamanders near the ZMI Altar. Red Salamanders are the fastest way to get to level 80, but if you are looking to make a little profit while getting to 80, you may choose to catch Red Chinchompas instead.

Once you are level 80 (83 is best), the time has come to employ my method of becoming rich! The way you will capitalize on this skill is by imp hunting in Puro Puro through the Impetuous Impulses mini-game. Level 83 allows to catch the elusive Dragon Impling (level 80 with a Hunting potion). All you need is a magic butterfly net, impling jars, and ideally level 50 Magic to cast a bind spell.

Once you have acquired the necessary skills and gear, go to Zanaris and walk to the bank to the east. Withdraw plenty of runes to cast many bind spells (100+) and fill the rest of your inventory with impling jars (leave a couple slots empty in case you catch the wrong impling – and you will occasionally). Be sure to wear lightweight clothing (penance gloves, boots of lightness, spottier cape, etc.) so you can run and catch the implings. The implings you will focus on catching are Magpie, Ninja and Dragon. The other implings are a waste of time and effort so don’t even bother with them.

The best way to do this is to always begin and end in either the Northeast or Southwest corners. These corners are where the Dragon Implings will spawn. Dragon Implings spawn every 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the amount of players on a particular server. The key to catching these implings is to make your way around a world once and then hop worlds. This is the best way to do it because you have a greater chance of finding Dragon Implings this way. Also, bring your viewing screen the closest to ground level so you can get the greatest span of view for seeing the implings.

When you find an impling worthy to catch, cast a bind spell on it and weave through the grass to catch it. Now once you have caught the impling, do not loot the jar! It is best if you just keep the impling in the jar and sell it as is on the Grand Exchange. I cannot emphasize this enough! Do not loot the jar – simply sell it on the GE for market price (or above/below if you wish) and let time be on your side. It is very tempting to loot jars for the big hauls, but in the long run selling the impling jars as is on the Grand Exchange is more profitable than looting them.

And that is it guys! Yes, some luck is required, but if I were to be honest, I never averaged less than 400k an hour using this method (and 400k was on a very slow day). Be sure to give this method time so you can get used to the ropes, and I promise you it will not disappoint! You will be a RuneScape millionaire in no time flat! So what are you waiting for? Get rich now using this method that gave me such huge success!

Top 5 Ways to Make Money in World of Warcraft

Earning gold in World of Warcraft can be a difficult task, especially if you are saving your hard-earned cash for that 5000 gold epic mount. Let these tips help you earn some major bucks.
1) Choose the right Professions. This is absolutely critical. From the moment you create your character, if you want to make money, you will take one or more gathering professions. Skinning, Mining and Herbalism can all make insane amounts of money for you in World of Warcraft, if you are dedicated to them. Mining and Herbalism definitely earn more than Skinning, but Skinning can be done during your normal leveling process, saving valuable time and making it seem like much less of a chore.

World of Warcraft’s other trade skills (Mining, Alchemy, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Engineering, Jewelcrafting) are all huge drains on your income. Any money gained from these trades is rare, and all will end up costing you a lot of money. If you’ve leveled one of these before, think about exactly how much metal, leather, cloth or herbs went into your skill gains. How much money could you have sold all those resources for? Lots. If you’re serious about making money, you will avoid devoting your energy to these, as they will hold you back for a very long time. These trades do offer unique bonuses at high levels (self-only enchants, bind-on-pickup weapons, etc), but if you are aiming for those, then your goal is not currently increasing your net worth.

2) Pick up everything! Many people don’t get in the habit of looting everything off of their kills in World of Warcraft. Some items have a low vendor value, but those trash drops are all worth something, even the gray ones. If your inventory is full, take the time to go back to town and sell it all. Fill your bags again and watch how much more cash you’ll be making than if you left that junk to rot.

Also, make note of “white” items that you find which may have some value on the auction house. Elemental Earths, Flasks of Mojo, and other odd items can actually fetch quite a bit of value on the auction house. Check prices on these before you vendor them.

“Green” items are usually trash. Some of them may have a bit more value than what the vendor will offer, but often the hassle of putting up a deposit to try to sell them isn’t worth it. Unless you are sure that it’s a good item that somebody would want, you can make enough money from them without putting it up for sale.

3) Choose the right quest rewards. This tip can easily earn you 500 gold by the time you hit 70. Whenever you complete a quest that has no rewards that you want, make sure you pick the reward with the highest vendor value. This is almost always going to be a weapon, if one is available. If multiple weapons are available, take the staff, or other 2-hander, over a 1-handed weapon. If all of the rewards are armor, take the highest armor-value item (plate, then mail, etc). If it’s all the same material, take the “larger” pieces first .. chest, then legs/helmet/shoulders, then the small stuff.

It doesn’t seem like it would matter much, but sometimes the difference is several gold, and with the amount of quests you do while leveling, this will turn into a huge amount of money earned.

4) Know what to farm. By the time you are level 70, you should have a good idea of what drops where in World of Warcraft, and what the average prices for general merchandise are. Use this knowledge to your advantage when farming, and find out how you can maximize your earnings per hour. Currently, on most servers, primals are the hot item for crafters to buy. Primal Fire, Air, Water and Mana are all big-ticket items, and if you are better at killing one of them than another, use that to your advantage. Find out where you can farm these without running into too much competition, and control the market on them.

Also, this is another place you can tie your trade skill into your farming. If you are mining, Adamantite is your ticket to huge earnings. Hit up Nagrand, Blade’s Edge and Netherstorm for massive amounts of ore, and sell the raw ore, rather than bars. Herbalists should hang out in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm for the high-ticket herbs, which can sell for upwards of 50 gold per stack. Skinners will do well in Nagrand skinning the clefthoof buls for their thick clefthide leather. Other great places for skinning include the cobras at Coilskar in Shadowmoon Valley (their scales are very valuable), and the worms along the crusts in Netherstorm. These drop motes of mana and can also be skinned, giving you the most farming bang for your buck.

5) Stop spending! It sounds simple, but for some people, it’s easy to get addicted to purchasing small upgrades over and over. Stop! You don’t need to buy your upgrades on the AH. Go do some instance runs and you will find better, and it’s free! Also, instances are a great way to build up cash without even knowing that you are.

If you can limit your spending at the AH and instead get your upgrades from quests and instances, you’ll be far less tempted to spend hundreds of gold on a shiny new weapon. Chances are, you can find better, free alternatives with just a little bit of extra effort.

Runescape: Astea Frostweb Boss Guide

Astea Frostweb is among the earlier bosses found in Daemonheim. She appears only on the frozen floors, and she can be found in a variety of levels (depending on the combat levels of players in the dungeon). When soloing a dungeon, she can be very difficult and time consuming because she constantly changes protection prayers, so it is advised to bring two attack styles to fight her effectively. Stab and slash attacks are recommended for melee, and ranged is also a good choice for maximising damage dealt to Astea. Also note that the “protect from magic” prayer is the most effective of the three protection prayers against this boss.
If you have a melee weapon bound, it is recommended that you pick up a bow from the tables, or from a monster drop, and buy arrows from the smuggler. This will ensure the maximum efficiency for the boss fight. Approximately every 30 to 60 seconds, she will change protection prayers between protect from melee, magic, and ranged. There is no particular order in which prayer she will change to. Also note that her prayers absorb 100% of the damage dealt to her, meaning that if you try to attack with the style that she is protecting against, she will not take any damage at all. This is why it is important to have another attack style to switch to, in the case that she protects against your dominant attack style.

The other unique thing about Astea Frostweb that makes her tricky is her ability to freeze her opponents. She will often freeze them, and take a step back. She will continue to shoot with magic attacks, and her minions will also be able to attack. This state of being “frozen” will only last about 15 seconds, and then it will wear off. You can still attack when frozen, but if you want to fight the boss, melee is not an option for this period of time, as she is out of range.

If you would like to speed up the boss fight, the “Ultimate Strength” and “Incredible Reflexes” prayers will assist a small amount. These two prayers drain many prayer points for only a small boost, but in any case, they are an option. Astea Frostweb is among the first of the bosses that you will encounter while Dungeoneering, but she is by no means among the easiest.