A Look into the Discipline Priest’s Toolbox of World of Warcraft

In the evolving universe that is World Of Warcraft, the priest class remains the standard by which all healers are measured. With two viable healing specs, priests have the largest toolboxes available to heal any and every situation. After years of Holy spec being the talent build of choice for healing priests, discipline (or disc, for short) is emerging as the new powerhouse among healers.
Let’s take a look at the basics of those bubble-weilding, penance-firing wonders of healing.

Bubble, Bubble…

The most valuable ability disc priests bring to any situation is Power Word: Shield. This “bubble” can be cast on any member of the part or raid, absorbing a large amount of the damage being dealt to that player. Priests train for this ability at level 6, and continue to gain rank for it through level 80. When paired with Glyph Of Power Word: Shield, these magic bubbles also heal the target for 20% of the absorbtion amount. In essence, the disc priest heals damage while preventing it. Mitigation can save the other healers in the raid a huge amount of effort, and a properly cast shield makes some of the more difficult raid bosses, such as the Lich King, much easier to defeat.

Shooting Stars? No, That’s Just Penance!

If you’ve ever been in a party or raid with a discipline priest, chances are you’ve seen a spiral of shimmering light careening into your character, healing you instantly. That ability is the bread and butter heal of the discipline spec known as Penance.

As a talented ability, Penance is available only to disc priests who have reached level 60 and spent their talent points accordingly. But is it worth all those points? Ask any character who’s been saved from near death by a Penance and the answer will be a resounding yes. The first of the three ticks of this spell will often save someone when there isn’t time to fire off a heal requiring more casting time. Each of the three ticks heals the party member, and when well timed can truly be a raid saver.

Haven’t Got Time For The Pain

Disc priests also bring another savvy tool for mitigation to the table: Pain Suppression. This handy instant cast spell reduces damage taken on the target by 40% and grants 65% resistance to dispel mechanics. When cast on a tank during massive incoming damage, this eight second buff is a gem for any healer’s arsenal.

Discipline Is Worth A Try!

Disc priests are unique among all World Of Warcraft healers. Neither pure raid healers like Resto Druids and Shamans, nor single target experts like Holy Paladins, disc priests bring their own brand of mitigation plus healing to the group. Filling this special healing niche is a rewarding experience that any World Of Warcraft healer should try. Try it and you’ll see that today’s disc priest is more than just bubbles.